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iSERA stands with Police and Medical professionals to fight against

In view of the evolving situation around the spread of COVID-19, iSERA Biological has donated protective Masks & Hand Sanitizers to the Police department & PPE suits to healthcare personnel.

Live Stock Health Campaign by iSERA Biological in the flood impacted areas

In this flood situation the species cattle were affected to a huge extent. In coordination of the Live Stock Development Department of Panchayat Samiti, Shirala, iSERA Biological conducted a Live Stock health campaign in the villages Shirala Khurd, Fupere & Kokrud. In this campaign, more than 1000 cattle’s health were examined. Our employees who are working within the capacity of the Live Stock Supervisor in the Veterinary Department of our company has assisted doctors. In order to overcome this situation Veterinary medicines of value Rs. 2,00,000/- handed over to Live Stock Development Department of Panchayat Samiti, Shirala.

iSERA Biological extends helping hands to flood affected people

The recent unprecedented rains and floods which ravaged many parts of West Maharashtra that resulted in massive destruction of lives, homes, schools, hospitals, and civic infrastructure. iSERA immediately stepped in with resources and manpower for rehabilitation to assist people and local authorities in the flood-impacted areas.

iSERA Campus

In-House Employee Engagement Activities

We strive to engage our workforce because we know that an engaged workforce perform to achieve our mission, execute strategy & inspire innovation. We seek to create an environment where there are shared agendas with common objectives where we can: Ensure common goals are developed and understood and our employees have a clear sense of direction. Value individual’s contributions in generating ideas and solutions through direct involvement & participation. Provide a great work environment & treat each other with respect & dignity. Our emphasis on innovative work culture helps pursue our purpose partnering life through innovations.

Cultural activities and Birthday Celebration

We celebrate various important cultural events and Employee Bithdays.

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