Management Speaks

iSERA Biological is ready to take challenge of COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation has evolved further & we are dealing with a significant global challenge. The World Health Organization has declared this outbreak a pandemic. Governments around the world have taken stricter and more stringent measures to ensure the safety of citizens. In India, Government have initiated various measures to control rapid transmission of this Pandemic when most of the population was unprepared.

In view of total uncertainty of the duration and scale of the COVID-19 crisis, there is no present visibility of how the economy shall pan out in the near future. Different Companies in travel, hospitality, e-commerce, media, lifestyle, real estate, financial services etc are all in a difficult financial situation. The manufacturing and agricultural sectors are now also getting affected due to the inter-connectedness of the economy.

Biological Drug is one of the most promising answer to some critical diseases to cure from life threatening. And yes, we have decided to INVENT TO CURE ! But this is one of the most critical and also a challenging pharma sector. After obtaining requisite regulatory clearance we have started our production in Jan 2020 and immediately after one month, entire world started witnessing a highly spread and most life threatening pandemic disease COVID-19.

Mr Pratap Deshmukh, Director

I deeply appreciate our Veterinary, Utilities & Admin Services departments for what you are doing to cope with this situation since the beginning.. The enormous stress that you are taking during this lock-down period to support the operations of the Company. Your commitment makes all the difference.

We have been granted Test License for COVID-19 Anti-Serum drug from CDSCO. In moment like this our purpose & values matter a lot to the people & communities. This is the moment for extra effort for going the extra mile. Your effort will make a huge difference to our company & to our society. I am proud & inspired by the way our Company shall rise to this challenge with flexibility, resilience, courage and caring.

We also feel very much proud that Serum Institute of India, one of the biggest manufacturers of Vaccines and supplier to the entire world, has chosen us as a partner in Research and Development of this new Therapeutic Anti Serum Drug on COVID19. We are closely working together since last five months and successfully passed various stages up to its Clinical Trials. We are on the right path to develop one of the safest and most effective Antidotes in next few days which will be available to serve for the mankind. This will certainly help in not only reducing cost of hospitalization and fear but substantially help our affected economy to get normalize.

This is the rarest challenge in human life and had seriously affected momentum of all pillars of economy. This challenge will continue even after calling off of LOCK DOWN till affected economy will get slowly restored to its original pace. I request all of us to be prepared to face this difficult phase in a systematic manner and overcome it unitedly…

We are really a great team and any crisis has always brought out the best in us. Hope we can bounce back to the new normal as early as possible and dominate the future with greater vigor.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. I know that we are going to get through together!!