iSERA Campus

In-house Employee Engagement Activities

We strive to engage our workforce because we know that an engaged workforce perform to achieve our mission, execute strategy & inspire innovation.

We seek to create an environment where there are shared agendas with common objectives where we can:

  • Ensure common goals are developed and understood and our employees have a clear sense of direction.
  • Value individual’s contributions in generating ideas and solutions through direct involvement & participation.
  • Provide a great work environment & treat each other with respect & dignity.

Our emphasis on innovative work culture helps pursue our purpose partnering life through innovations.

What we do for employee engagement

We believe, an employee’s Birthday celebration is one of the worthy ways to build team culture as it can act as a way to connect with all of the employees. We celebrate our each and every employee’s birthday in organization. We participate in activities like decoration of the conference room & giving a surprise birthday gift to honourer.

We celebrate Indian festivals like Lord Ganesha Festival, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi with great enthusiasm as we believe that celebrations at a workplace provide a great change from the monotony of everyday work routine. Employees thoroughly enjoy the good time and get backs to work with a more refreshed mind.

8th March considered as International Women’s Day. This day brings many aspects for iSERA such as a cause for celebration, a reason to take a pause, revaluate & remembrance as we believe a woman should be treated with the utmost respect and iSERA performs all the responsibilities towards Gender Equality incredibly.

Our employees express their views through words, pictures & rangoli. We organize fun games & team building activities on this occasion.

We conduct annual health check-ups & hold wellness camps to encourage healthy lifestyle amongst our employees. Regular employee health check-up helps our team to keep a track on their health status and thus take precautionary steps at the right time. It guides and helps them with a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

We facilitate library for our employees. Our library houses technical books, editorial reference guides, material samples, or even archives of user guides. Our library at office welcomes our employee readers to open up their minds & add to their knowledge store.

We are iSERIANS !!